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Canada: Judges are the most horrible rapists of the society, they are the true guardians of the unjust and corrupt system

The nature is the best place to retrieve in times when corruption is crippling the societies, when the courts of laws are run by monster judges, judges that rape every individual woman used as a spy by the state. Judges in Canada, for example, they are the most horrible rapists of the society. They are the true guardians of the unjust and corrupt system, which benefits only a few.

It’s heartbreaking and sad but this the devastating conclusion that I’ve reached after dealing with the courts of law in Canada.

Beware of judges, in Canada and elsewhere. They are the same. They are monsters. They are rapists. They are criminals, be they in Canada – supposedly a country with democracy, or Saudi Arabia – an official terrorist country which survives on terrorism, backstabbing, and betrayal.

Judges are the enemies of justice. They are the rapists of the society. They are the most inhuman individuals. I would really be curious to know how they are appointed and what process do they go through in order to be selected.

It is sad how Canada just commemorated the remembering of the genocide against the Indigenous people, where thousands of innocent children were murdered by the Government and by Judges of Canada, and this country continues to inflict harm on citizens and destroy their lives. It is the same Canada that “killed the Indian in the Child”.

It is devastating. It is heartbreaking to see these monsters and rapists preside over trials, here in Canada.

But, hey, the hope is there. The good people out there are many, many, indeed, and above all, God is the Ever Watching, Ever Living, and He is on the side of innocent people.

Sabri Lushi – Canada



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