About Us

Emigranti.info is a comprehensive news portal that focuses on the Albanian diaspora, providing up-to-date and relevant news and information to its readers. The website covers a wide range of topics, from politics and current events to culture and lifestyle, catering to the needs and interests of the Albanian community around the world.
 As a trusted source of news and analysis, emigranti.info strives to provide its readers with accurate and objective reporting, while also offering diverse perspectives and opinions on important issues affecting the Albanian diaspora. Whether you are interested in learning about the latest developments in your home country, staying informed about the political situation, or simply keeping up with the latest trends in Albanian culture, emigranti.info has you covered. 
With experienced political activists and contributors, emigranti.info is committed to delivering high-quality content that is both informative and engaging. The website also offers a platform for community engagement and discussion, allowing readers to share their views and connect with others in the Albanian diaspora, and for this purpose we have developed another social site –  albchat.al. 
Albchat.al is more than just a social networking site – it’s a vibrant online community where users can find support, share experiences, and build friendships that extend beyond the digital realm. Whether you’re looking to connect with other Albanians or simply want to explore the rich culture and heritage of this fascinating country, albchat.al is the place to be.
 In addition to its news and analysis, emigranti.info also features a range of lifestyle content, including food, fashion, travel, and entertainment, providing readers with a window into Albanian culture and helping to promote a sense of community among the diaspora. 
Overall, emigranti.info is an essential resource for anyone interested in staying connected with the Albanian diaspora and keeping up-to-date with the latest news and developments.